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15 Pairs: Parquet Men's Patterned Fancy Socks

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You know how when you're driving on a sunny day and all of a sudden the rays catch your eyes and you're blinded for a nano-second, and then you have to shake your head and adjust your eyesight? Well, that's kind of what's it's like when you wear your white athletic socks under your dark pinstripe suit and we happen to catch a glimpse of them as you sit down and cross your legs. OK, perhaps we exaggerate somewhat, but the point is, why would you slip on a pair of socks that would totally distract from your otherwise put-together look? So instead, grab yourself this 15-pack of patterned fancy socks, and you'll always have a pair to match what you're wearing. 

SKU: 10042
Condition: Brand New
Packaging: Retail
  • 15 pairs: colors are randomly selected from shown
  • 2% spandex, 98% polyester
  • One sizes fits 10-13
  • Machine wash warm, tumble dry low
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