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2-Pack: Durable & Flexible Easy-to-Install Window Cling Sun Shades

$6 $25
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Clingy-ness is not a great quality to find in people. No one likes the person who just never seems to leave them alone. But in window shades? Clingy-ness is a fantastic thing! These shades cling to your window and block harmful glare and UV rays from entering your vehicle. They're easy to use and effective even on the sunniest days. Order today. Embrace the clingy-ness.

SKU: 4299
Condition: Brand New
Packaging: Hassle Free
  • Includes 2 window cling shades
  • Made with durable and flexible plastic and vinyl
  • Provides protection from UV rays and the sun's glare
  • Easy installation: just place the shade on the window and wipe flush onto the glass--the shade will naturally cling and stick to the window
  • Pull shade off to store away, if so desired
  • Very lightweight and easily re-positioned
  • Great for keeping kids out of the sun on long road trips
  • Measures 18" x 15"--fits most large car windows
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