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4-Pack: Collapsible Drawer Organizers - Pink

$14 $35
60 % off

With a variety of pocket sizes, these drawer organizers can swoop in to bring order and peace to drawers and closets. Small squares are perfect for socks and underwear, and long rectangular pockets can hold pairs of flats or T-shirts. Since they collapse, unused organizers can slip conveniently under beds or behind oil paintings of organizers.

SKU: 6642
Condition: Brand New
Packaging: Hassle Free
  • Keep your clothes and accessories tidy and organized
  • Ideal for organizing bras/socks/ties/underwear/scarves/small accessories
  • Good absorbing power for moisture and smell
  • Slip into drawers and closets
  • Zippered backs for easy emptying
  • Lightweight construction
  • Nonwoven fabric
  • Do not wash in water or expose directly to strong sunshine
  • It is advised to wipe with a dry towel to clean
  • Color: Pink
  • Pack of four:
    • 6-cell organizer (13.18”x6.1”x3.54”)
    • 7-cell organizer (13.18”x12.2”x3.54”)
    • 8-cell organizer (11.02”x5.7”x3.93”)
    • 24-cell organizer (13.18”x12.2”x3.54”)
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