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Outdoor AHD Home Security 4 Camera and DVR System


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Selling Fast!
Retail: $599 (75% off)
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Sale Ends:

Selling Fast
Retail: $599 (75% off)
DailySale Price:
Your Savings:
$149 You Save: $450

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Protect yourself, your family, and your home with the Outdoor AHD Home Security Camera and DVR System. You can set it up easily in a matter of minutes, and live view and playback the footage on your smartphone!

Brand New
  • Quick remote access setup with free N-EYE app
  • Remote view via your Smartphone anywhere under 3G/4G/Wifi network
  • Receive email alerts when motion detected, video blind, video loss,etc
  • IP 66 Weatherproof Aluminum Material Housing
  • Multicolor Horizontal Resolution: 720P 1.0MP AHD
  • Camera Features: HD CMOS with IR CUT Night vision
  • Night Vision Distance: up to 20M
  • What is included: 1X 4CH Security DVR, 1 X Power Supply for DVR, 1X CD software, 1X Manual, 4X AHD Bullet Cameras, 4X Video Power 60ft BNC Cable, 1X 4-to-1 Splitter Cable, 1X Power supply for Camera and 4X Screws for mounting cameras
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Why did you choose this?
Daily Sale Store
Home security
Kevin C on Jan 31, 2019
JOANNE P on Jan 14, 2019
Home security
Kevin C on Jan 31, 2019
Home Security at affordable prices.
Phyllis B on Jan 25, 2019
JOANNE P on Jan 14, 2019
I Have a corner house in the city and I want to feel more secure.
Jose S on Dec 17, 2018
home robbed two weeks ago.
Phillip K on Nov 27, 2018
Yvonne B on Nov 20, 2018
It has plenty of cameras
Gale H on Oct 1, 2018
Trespassers , thieves, and vandalizes
Anna R on Sep 30, 2018
Dean S on Sep 26, 2018
Good deal
Eleanor G on Sep 21, 2018
My child needed it
Christy A on Sep 14, 2018
I bought one from you before
Lester G on Sep 4, 2018
I think it is a good buy!
Wanda T on Nov 27, 2017
we need it and want it
Samuel R on Oct 10, 2017
Dolores R on Sep 26, 2017
because I want to be safe and we travel a lot
Rosina G on Sep 25, 2017
The price was right.
Gerri P on Sep 6, 2017
You can`t beat the price !
James B on Sep 1, 2017
Been looking at security systems online and this seems to be a very good deal. We'll see.
Paul D. S on Aug 22, 2017
Janet M on Aug 5, 2017
Added security
Alicia B on Jul 28, 2017
Security at good price
William C on Jul 26, 2017
Price is right.
Irma O on Jul 20, 2017
The price was right, and the guarantees outstanding. I just hope it preforms as required.
Steve G on Jul 17, 2017
good price
James H on Jul 16, 2017
Fantastic deal
Fred S on Jul 16, 2017
William E on Jun 28, 2017
Airline W on May 18, 2017
Security purpose for family
Patricia P on May 17, 2017
Very best price for this quality.
Mark M on May 3, 2017
very reasonably priced have been looking for home security
Corrin C on Apr 30, 2017
the prise is right
Roy H on Apr 30, 2017
looks like a good deal
Rhoda H on Apr 24, 2017
looks like a good purchase
Bikash S on Apr 24, 2017
To secure my home
Bobbie C on Apr 15, 2017
people stealing in neighbor hood
Allen C on Mar 13, 2017
needed for add security
JEROLD M on Mar 13, 2017
to keep home safe when not at home security to see who come and go.
james on Mar 13, 2017
Best price i've found.
Kenneth B on Mar 12, 2017
A great price
Curtis A on Mar 12, 2017
House security
Ted F on Mar 12, 2017
this is what i need for my new home
Guillermo B on Mar 12, 2017
I think they would help me.
Charles E. D on Mar 11, 2017
janie m on Mar 7, 2017
just was going too buy one set for my home at store .this week till I see this flyer on mail yea just found what I needed for hunders less what a deal hope its new and works good.the need that was so great for this product so lets see....
Dolores* G on Mar 7, 2017
security around the house and vehicles
Jerry P on Nov 27, 2016
Quality and price
VINNIE P on Nov 23, 2016
good dill
David S on Nov 20, 2016
I choose this item for security and the prize is awesome. Hope the system performs as the advertisement states.
Brigitta C on Nov 20, 2016
Very reasonable price. I only hope that this product would do its purpose
and would last long.
ALFREDO E P on Nov 19, 2016
Home Security at affordable prices.
Phyllis B on Jan 25, 2019
I Have a corner house in the city and I want to feel more secure.
Jose S on Dec 17, 2018
dose it have HDMI connection for viewing video?
Matt E on Sep 24, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Features:
Video Input:4 ch BNC
Video Output:1ch HDMI/VGA
USB Port:2
It have a hard drive ?
Gary G on Sep 23, 2016
BEST ANSWER: No, it does not.
What is the manufacturer name?
A shopper on Sep 24, 2016
BEST ANSWER: This item is not brand name, it is generic.
How do the cameras get power?
A shopper on Sep 25, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Using the included power adapter, the device must be plugged into a power source.
Does it record? If so, for how long? Can you play it back on a mini-screen or TV screen?
Lindsey G on Sep 25, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Remote view via your Smartphone anywhere under 3G/4G/Wifi network
Hard drive is not included, you can view but can not record
dose the dvr have a hard drive?
A shopper on Sep 24, 2016
BEST ANSWER: No, it does not.
is this system wireless?
Gary A on Sep 26, 2016
BEST ANSWER: No, it is not
GORDON W on Sep 25, 2016
BEST ANSWER: All orders from Dailysale are covered by a 30 day return policy.
Feel free to contact a customer representative at [email protected] with any order inquiries
Is it solar powered?
Lasalle W on Sep 24, 2016
BEST ANSWER: No, it is not
What does DVR stand for if it doesn't record according to some of the questions and answers that are ready posted?
A shopper on Oct 10, 2016
BEST ANSWER: DVR does stand for Digital Video Recorder. This hardware is also the brain of the system. Like a tv cable box that allows you to watch paid channels, this ,too, will record when you add a hard drive. After doing so, this hardware will inclusively record to it.
What size hard drive will the unit hold, 2.5" or 3.5"? Also what is the maximum storage size hard drive will the unit accept (eg 1Tb or 100Gb etc.)? Thanks
Wyatt Dwayne W on Oct 21, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The size of the hard drive the unit will accommodate is 3.5"
The maximum storage size hard drive is 4TB
does it have nite vision?
A shopper on Sep 27, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Night Vision Distance: up to 20M
Is it wired or wireless,
What name brand?
A shopper on Sep 26, 2016
BEST ANSWER: This item is wired. It is not name branded, it is generic.
What power does the system run on?
A shopper on Sep 25, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The device charges using the included power adapter, the device must be plugged into a power source.
If u cannot record then how can u look back to see who was in your yard?
A shopper on Oct 7, 2016
BEST ANSWER: You may purchase a hard drive to set up recording, however this listing is for the live viewing security system only.
Does this unit come with 4 x 60 ft cables for cameras? Plus can you hook it up to an existing computer and save images to hard drive? Is this in b/w or colour? Does it come with a setup disc? And what is your return policy?
A shopper on Mar 12, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The one I purchased came with minimal instructions for installation and setup. No installation disk. I had to do allot of research and digging to figure out assembly, installation, and how to make it work on phones and tablets. It does come with 4 - 60 ft cables. Mind did not have a remote with it like pictured below. I ordered an external hard drive to use since it came without one. Did not try to directly hook it up to a pc. It is in color, and has night vision that is basic black and white.
Can you add a hard driver to record?
A shopper on Mar 13, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes, you can.
Why is this system sold without everything that's needed to set this system up and be ready for surveillance?
Cowboy on Oct 29, 2016
BEST ANSWER: This is a fully equipped real-time surveillance system. It simply does not feature recording capabilities.
What hard drive does it take?
New User U on Oct 28, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The size of the hard drive the unit will accommodate is 3.5"
is 60 foot cable for camera to DVR? Can you get longer than 60 foot?
Gibby on Oct 25, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes, it is. Unfortunately assorted cable sizes are not available at this time.
I try ed to buy but my card was decline y?
Lannie M on Sep 26, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Please contact [email protected] for all order-related inquiries, this forum is for product-specific inquiries only.
is this wireless?
Joycelyn S on Aug 24, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I am sorry to say this is not wireless because if you look at the end of item name it's saying DVR system that means it recorders on a hard drive inside the DVR system and thank you for your question and I am sorry I cannot help you more
Do I need wi -fi ?
A shopper on Jan 26, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Yes,you need wi-fi to access a cell phone. You don`t need wifi if you buy a monitor.
Are the cameras infrared ?
A shopper on Aug 29, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Camera Features: HD CMOS with IR CUT Night vision
Is the system monitor ready as well ?.
Rod S on Aug 1, 2017
BEST ANSWER: No program connected to it to record or review activity is provided with this system.
If there is no brand name or any way to id it..how do I no what kind of hard drive to get that will work with it?
A shopper on Jun 24, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I am told To wait until it arrives then google the seariel or model number for your answer.
Can this system be used in electricity of 220 volts?
A shopper on Jun 20, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I don't think so, but I'm not an electrician. I wouldn't try to hook it up to 220 without first consulting someone who has better knowledge of voltage. Just sayin'.
Is it completely wireless,How difficult to install. Can it be matched to a motor screen ?Is it require electrical hook up ?
Highflyer on Nov 8, 2016
BEST ANSWER: This device is wired, not wireless. It has HDMI connection for viewing video, but does not include a hard drive for recording.
Color or b&w?
A shopper on Nov 27, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Color in day time. Black and white at night unless a light comes on. It's also hard to hook up to computer and phone. Has no DVR. Ended up buying another.
if there are 4 cameras why is there only one camera power cord? It would see 4 cords would be needed.
stephanie a on Sep 22, 2017
BEST ANSWER: There is a cable line with four output connections inside so it can separate one power source into four different sources

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