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Have you had enough with soreness that limits your range of motion? Relieve that knee pain! Make the most of your exercising routine while minimizing the risk of getting injured. If you are a professional athlete or a fitness and sports enthusiast, you know that knee pain can dramatically limit your movement range. You have probably tried knee braces, compression sleeves and knee wraps that haven’t helped you at all. Don't give up and let pain win!

This incredible support strap is bound to help you alleviate pain and enhance your performance. Gain your confidence back! The knee pain relief strap has been carefully designed to help you move freely and face any condition including chondromalacia, osteoarthritis and pain caused by injuries.

The strap goes around the knee, below the kneecap and over the patellar tendon, keeping everything perfectly stabilized while the adjustable Velcro straps allows you to choose the amount of the desired compression while remaining 100% comfortable. The soft neoprene padding will gently touch your skin, while the compact, lightweight design will make you forget you have the knee strap on. This knee patella support strap is ideal for people who are into running, basketball, volleyball, tennis, jumping, hiking or weightlifting.

SKU: 9435
Condition: Brand New
Packaging: Retail
  • Knee Patella Support Strap
  • All you need to face patellar tendonitis, chondromalacia, osteoarthritis, runner’s knee and any condition that limits your potential
  • Soft, breathable neoprene padding provides a silky smooth touch while preventing heavy sweating that might make you feel uncomfortable
  • Adjustable Velcro straps allow you to decide how tightly or loosely you wrap
  • Optimum compression will help align your patella, secure the ligaments around your knee and stabilize your kneecap without restricting your movement
  • The finest quality materials
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • The perfect choice for all fitness enthusiasts
  • Whether you are into basketball, skiing, snowboarding, skating, dancing, volleyball, running, football, jogging and any other kind of sports, this patella support strap is a must
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