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Restorative Cervical Traction Neck Fulcrum Wedge Pillow for Back and Shoulder

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Neck pain, TMJ Pain, stiff neck, military neck, straight neck, forward head tilt, forward head posture corrector, spine alignment, reduces headaches and migraines, chronic neck pain, pinched nerves, mild TMJ. Restore cervical curvature, and provide neck tension relief. relieve those nagging headaches and migraines

This cervical neck traction device (neck curve restorer) is safe, comfortable, and easy to use. Ergonomically designed for optimal comfort while providing cervical traction. With proper and consistent use, the cervical traction wedge pillow can aid

SKU: 10582
Condition: Brand New
Packaging: Retail
  • Restore in 10 minutes per day: Our posture corrector fulcrum promotes pain relief for upper back and neck issues, forward head correction, and spinal curve restoration. All of which is done by relaxing and stretching the spine effortlessly for just 10-15 minutes per day. Sit back, or lay down, and let gravity do all of the alignment work for you.
  • Use anywhere: Simply relieve your shoulder pain at your convenience with a wedge in bed, on the floor at home, sitting in a car, in a doctor’s clinic and even in your own office. Reduce your strains by doing next to nothing!
  • Safe for all ages: Our design offers compatibility for people of all ages and conditions. Whether you're a senior, or a child, the indent shape accommodates different neck sizes without worrying if this item is right for your situation. Doctors in sports medicine recommend this product for athletes who suffer neck or spinal injuries for long lasting results.
  • Durable: Durable foam material is constructed to withstand heavy weight and long duration of usage without losing its shape as your posture device. Whether packed away in a bag, or used frequently, the fulcrum will expand back to its original shape to be ready for use.
  • Quality first: High quality 100% bamboo cover - removable and washable.
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